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Have a great property you are looking to lease? Interested in discovering your building’s potential? At EJMB Commercial we know every property is unique and deserves personal attention. We understand finding Tenants for your property is simply not enough. As landlord representatives… we take care of the details so you don’t have to.

All Your Needs Met

We understand finding Tenants for your property is simply not enough. 

As landlord representatives, we take the time to completely understand your specific needs and objectives. We use our unique experience and creative abilities to develop the right strategy for positioning your property in the New York City marketplace.

We evaluate market conditions, occupancy trends and leasing prices, then consider how your property measures up to the competition. We identify your property’s strengths, then recommend changes or improvements that will help you both retain your current tenants and appeal to prospective tenants. We effectively market your office and retail properties using an aggressive, results- oriented, marketing plan. We spread the word across the brokerage community, create and place ads, attract prospects at our website, conduct walk-throughs and communicate with you every step of the way.

Finally, we close the deal. Even when a strong marketing plan attracts ideal tenants, there are still details to be finalized and leases to be signed. We have the skill and know-how to negotiate transactions that meet the needs of both tenants and landlords.

Our Process

Step One
The Plan

It All Starts with a Strategy and that’s developed by closely listening to your unique needs as a Landlord. With our experience and creative abilities, we build the right strategy for positioning your property in the New Your City marketplace.

Step Two
The Assessment

We Know New York City. When positioning your property within the market, you need to know exactly how your property compares. We identify and market your property’s strengths to both attract and retain the ideal Tenant.

Step Three
The Campaign

Getting the Word Out. We carefully craft the right approach for positioning your property in the New York City marketplace by showcasing its value through prospect-driven marketing plans. Our marketing uses the latest online and offline tools and techniques to ensure market reach.

Step Four
The Personalized Service

Your Success is Our Priority. We treat your buildings like they are our buildings, giving them the personal attention they deserve. We attend every showing. We do regular walk-thrus of your buildings, always looking for ways to attract new tenants. And we are always available to address the myriad of issues inherent with commercial lease transactions.

Step Five
The Signing

It's All in the Details. Our strong marketing plan attracted the ideal Tenant. Now the contract needs to be negotiated and inked. Our sophisticated expertise and depth of experience enable us to successfully create win-win terms that meet the needs of both you, the Landlord, and your new Tenant.

Step Six
The Move

Going the extra mile. You’ve secured your ideal Tenant and they need to move in. EJMB will coordinate all the details, from architectural planning, to meeting with contractors, to making sure the build-out is completed in a timely fashion.

Step Seven
Start Now

Don't Wait. The key to success is securing the right Tenant, with the right terms, at just the right moment! We Deliver Results.


Subletting: When the Tenant Becomes the Landlord

Landlord representation is not only for building owners. Do you have space you don’t need? Do you have space you don’t use? Do you need to rent a larger space? Subletting could be the perfect solution for you. EJMB provides top commercial real estate guidance for businesses seeking growth strategies or managing assets during times of hardship.
At EJMB, we deliver excellent results through individualized service and a complete understanding of your goals.

Landlord FAQs

In commercial leasing, landlord representatives are hired by the owners of commercial properties to represent the landlords in leasing transactions. Successful landlord reps maintain long-term relationships with owners and may be in charge of multi-unit office buildings, retail properties, or even portfolios of several properties. EJMB’s brokers create strategic plans to optimize the return on your investment while reducing the risk to its owners.  
EJMB takes the time to understand the nuances of how your property is positioned within the market, showcasing the amenities of the building/space, other tenants and neighborhood assets. Through our prospect-driven marketing plan, we can quickly connect a prospect that meets the prerequisites of the landlord. EJMB brings the best of digital and influencer marketing to promote your property.
EMJB brokers operate with an entrepreneurial mindset. We identify each property’s best qualities to attract the right tenant.  Our experienced management team and seasoned brokers maximize returns on property investments  by offering comprehensive leasing and targeted marketing services for commercial office and retail properties.  Equipped with market data, we anticipate the trends, identify opportunities and implement the ideal strategy based on your business goals. 

Office subleasing, also known as subletting, is a fairly common business practice and solution for space management.  There are many reasons to consider subleasing.

Are you planning for your future? Business needs one year from now are most likely significantly different from today.  Allowing for expansion by leasing a larger space than what you currently need, that also accommodates short-term subtenants, can offset the overall costs until you’re ready.
Is your current space too small with time remaining on the lease because your business growth happened rapidly?  Subleasing the space to another tenant for the duration, may be easier and more cost-effective than breaking the lease.

And simply put, you may find you have space you just don’t use or need. Instead of disrupting business operation, sharing the space could be the perfect solution for you. 

EJMB Commercial represents local and national businesses ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to large corporations, all with unique needs.  Our deep understanding of sophisticated and complex contract negotiations allows for the best terms to be included in the lease with your prospective tenant.  With many types of different commercial leases and terms, you’ll find the devil is in the details.  Our expertise ensures all aspects of the transaction are properly structured to protect your investment while maximizing your revenues. 

Most likely, this is a significant investment in your portfolio, and it deserves proper care.  The decision of who takes occupancy should not be awarded prior to an adequate discovery period.  We make sure we know exactly who is interested in taking possession and if they meet all the requirements to do so. Before agreeing to final terms, we ensure the prospect can pay the rent…long-term, that there is not a history of past disputes, that this is a proper use for the space and that competitive lease rates based on real-time market data are identified.  We take care of the details, so you don’t have to.
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