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EJMB Commercial understands that a business location is more than just a location and as a Tenant you often have unique needs. The right property makes your team’s work easier, more satisfying and effective. It reinforces your brand, it engages your prospects and customers, it aligns with your budget. And ultimately, it helps build your business. Our brokers are trained in every facet of the real estate market. We help make great moves happen.

All Your Needs Met

With EJMB Commercial, you are our number one priority. 

We listen carefully to understand your needs and preferences. Are you looking to expand your current office space? Or perhaps, you’re looking to downsize? What is most important to the success of your company? Location? Foot traffic? Convenience? Price? Access to public transportation? Maybe you’d like your employees to be able to ride their bikes to work, so you need access to a bike room. Perhaps, as part of your company culture, you must have a pet-friendly building so employees can bring their dogs to work. Or, maybe you prefer natural light and want a lot of south facing windows.

Our years of sophisticated New York City market experience, along with our extensive connections, will insure you find what you’re looking for. And our services are always free to you. 

We provide the whole package: from helping you find the right retail or office space, in the right location, for the right price, to negotiating the lease terms and closing the deal. Don’t leave it to chance. Let our industry leading brokers help you find your new space today.

Our Process

Step One
The Space

We start by carefully listening to your unique needs as a Tenant. We never rely on guesswork or assumptions when identifying your goals. From the start-up entrepreneur to the most sophisticated of companies, regardless of industry or size, we take pride in understanding the nuances of each. Our expert industry knowledge is what delivers our clients inspiring results. Let us find your new space today.

Step Two
The Search

We are the property experts. Once we have enough information about your ideal location, we’ll do a comprehensive database search, including our exclusive listings, to locate properties matching your criteria and that meet your needs. We save you time and make looking for a perfect location fast and easy.

Step Three
The Tour

This is where the process gets fun. We’ll take you on a tour of as many properties as needed, until you find THE ONE. Throughout, we’ll be by your side every step of the way, ensuring the right questions are asked and you get the answers you need! Together, we’ll build a list of pros and cons for each property, ultimately narrowing it down to the perfect space for your business.

Step Four
The Negotiation

We are master negotiators. We’ll help you negotiate ideal terms. Our brokers are trained in every facet of the New York City real estate market. You can trust us to negotiate, structure, and complete sophisticated transactions on your behalf.

Step Five
The Signing

Once we have negotiated your ideal terms, including working closely with your attorney on finalizing the lease, it’s time to sign. For some brokers, the relationship ends here. Not with EJMB. We are there for you beyond your closing.

Step Six
The Move

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results and providing personal service that extends far beyond your lease signing. EJMB will help you transition into your new location. We have a trusted network of dependable providers that can help you with moving, designing and furnishing your new space. For EJMB Commercial, the job isn't completed until you are fully moved in.


Tenant FAQs

Tenant Representation brokers represent Tenants looking to lease commercial property. The Tenant Rep’s responsibilities include: analyzing the Tenant’s space needs, identifying properties that fit the Tenant’s needs, and protecting the Tenant’s interests in the negotiation process.

Our brokers are trained to find the perfect property, successfully negotiate and structure complex contracts and close the deal, all while putting your needs first – not the Landlords.  Our proven process helps you avoid common pitfalls and disastrous missteps.  We secure the most desirable space turning your location into a strategic asset.
This is about the what, not the where of finding a new space. Our brokers help identify the operational impact of choosing a specific location.  While price per square foot and location rise to the top in priority, it’s also important to consider the business needs around your supply chain, logistics costs, quick response to transportation modes, labor requirements, future growth, utility requirements and incentive zones.  We help you consider the less obvious decisions when making a move.

In New York City the Landlord always pays the entire brokerage commission/ fee, so business owners get the advantages of being represented by a commercial real estate broker at no cost to them.

Our deep rooted relationships with landlords, developers, property owners and other brokers allows us to quickly navigate the real estate market to find specific properties meeting your needs.  While it may appear easy to view available spaces online, in many instances the information is out of date or incomplete, wasting your valuable time and resources.  Our tenant rep brokers have numerous resources to complete listing information and off-market options.
Our brokers are trained to identify the pitfalls before they become major issues. They have the experience to recognize and negotiate terms, protecting a Tenant from unnecessary liability.  Before you sign any contract make sure to understand all the details.  Some common questions to consider when reviewing a lease: does it mention an exclusive use provision? Do you have a clear understanding of who is responsible for maintenance issues?  Are you being asked for a personal guarantee?  Who pays for damages in case of fire, flood, etc.?  Is there a demolition clause?  Contracts are difficult and complex. Don’t leave it to chance that you’re signing the right deal.
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